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The umpteenth absurd practice to improve the appearance of the vagina spreads on the web. Gynecologists ask women to stop introducing toothpaste into their vaginas

Women are increasingly interested in improving the appearance of their vulva. Dangerous trends are constantly emerging on the web, sometimes causing gynecological diseases such as persistent fungal infections or vaginosis. This time, gynecologists warn against a technique propagated on social networks: toothpaste . A dangerous practice that can damage the health of many women. The gynecologist Vanessa MacKay reviews an article in the British magazine The Sun on the subject.

Toothpaste in the vagina, gynecologists say enough

This trend is much discussed on the web. In terms of personal hygiene, some women are not aware of the danger of “D systems” and its repercussions on general health. The internet users obviously unaware of the sensitivity of the vaginal flora praise an unusual technique that would help to narrow the vagina: the application of toothpaste. Gynecologists warn against this dangerous trick.

Since this technique has become a trend on the web, many women have resorted to it. According to the “instigators” of this crazy idea, dental paste would narrow the vagina. A tip that scandalizes gynecologists

“Narrowing the vagina with toothpaste is a myth. This practice is not only inconvenient, but can also cause severe gynecological disorders and completely disrupt the vaginal flora. This technique can lead to bacterial vaginosis and candida albicans infection “, says Vanessa Mackay, gynecologist and spokeswoman for Order of British gynecologists and obstetricians . The word is said: this technique must be prohibited. And for good reason, toothpaste contains chemical compounds that destroy the bacterial flora naturally present in the vagina.

In addition toothpastes contain particles that can cause micro-lesions in the vaginal walls. Another gynecologist, questioned about the matter, expresses his opinion in this way: “The toothpaste is caustic and too abrasive for a sensitive area like the vagina. This technique can destroy the microorganisms secreted by the body to protect this part of the body “states dott. Yusuf. According to the specialist, this practice could also cause infertility: “When the vagina is vulnerable to infection, it affects the tubes and reduces the chance of becoming pregnant” he says. For the doctor, the emergence of this tendency is mainly caused by the desire to have a tight vagina that weighs on women. A biological characteristic that, according to him, has no impact on the quality of a sexual relationship.

Healthy alternatives

To tighten her vagina, it is useless to endanger her health. Healthy practices consist in stimulating the pelvic muscles, which relax the vaginal walls when they are not stimulated. “Kegel exercises and yoga can shrink the vagina without compromising health” says Dr. Yusuf.

Dr. Mackay also agrees: “There are many techniques to stimulate the pelvic muscles. The best thing is to sit comfortably with the knees apart by contracting them “, explains. Regular interruption of urination for a few seconds prevents vaginal release after childbirth

Toothpaste: a dangerous technique for erectile dysfunction

In terms of absurd ideas to improve his sex life, not even men they are spared. We recall the striking case of this man who wanted a bigger member, and for this he injected silicone that literally made him rot . Even the toothpaste technique has made its way through the male ranks. It is indeed rumored that this dental paste could prolong the erection.

Jose Barber, a famous Youtuber praises this practice as “the solution to cure erectile dysfunction without drugs “. According to him, this trick would last 30 minutes longer in bed.

Obviously it is advisable not to follow the decanted techniques on social networks but to always use the advice of a doctor.

Here are some tutorials published on the Web that could affect your health

 Garlic in the vagina, side effects of this ancient natural remedy

– The insertion of a clove of garlic in its vagina is a practice that we reiterate does not help to fight fungal infections. On the other hand, this practice could cause botulism, a rare and potentially fatal paralytic disease.

Cucumber has long been touted for its cleansing properties for intimate hygiene. This practice is dangerous because it can cause infections and greatly disturb vaginal flora.

– Users once touted the merits of parsley to induce the cycle. This technique can not only cause infections but also toxic shock syndrome, a potentially lethal disease.


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