The satisfaction we get from these long impulse buying sessions is usually short-lived, and we risk finding ourselves at best with objects that will please us the first hours or the first days of their use. At worst, we will have on our hands a mountain of things that we will not know what to do. This is totally natural because the sensation of novelty tends to dissipate because of our ability to adapt. Thus, some time after these purchases, the pleasure diminishes and we will look for something else to make us happy. But is this the right solution?

A vicious circle!

Pleasure with the purchase of material goods turns out to be a pseudo solution because, as with any addiction, the pleasure will dissipate quickly and the feeling of happiness will disappear as soon as you make the habit of your recent purchase. Yet there is another alternative that will give you an even greater pleasure and especially more lasting.

A rewarding experience

Indeed, happiness is largely linked to our perspectives and our memories: for this nothing better than a trip or a new activity. According to a study by the team of Thomas Gilovich psychology professor at Cornell University, the feeling of happiness that results from a purchase regresses over time, while travel memories continue to fuel happiness. This even though both experiences offer the same “quantity” of pleasure when they are realized. The explanation lies in our ability to adapt: ​​the human being no longer cares about the things around him that he is used to seeing. It’s the same feeling we have in front of a nice watch or the latest smartphone.

In addition, unlike material goods, experience is part of who we are, it helps to build our identity and allows us to meet people.

 Travel makes us much happier

A pleasant perspective

Another source of happiness that can provide us with a trip or an activity, is the prospect of enjoying it: indeed, even before we have an event, we are impatient to leave and this perspective fills us with joy. This type of purchase is the only one that gives pleasure before you even buy it. Professor Gilovich and his team of researchers found that “people who thought about buying things like ski or a concert had a higher level of happiness than those who were thinking about spending money.” The same study showed that people who made purchases related to experiences often delayed these activities to better enjoy the idea of ​​taking advantage of them.

In a new context or environment, everything around us is new and above all enriching. Going out of one’s usual environment and comfort zone provides an excellent opportunity to build new, happy and lasting memories that will mark your personality.

A Simple Happiness

If there is one conclusion to be drawn from this study, it is that happiness is strongly linked to our ability to create new experiences and nothing better than a human contact for the make. Therefore, it is not always necessary to go to the end of the world to live a unique experience, just leave your usual environment and go on an adventure, discover other places and meet new people.

It is also possible to feel lasting happiness by participating in new activities such as extreme sports, group games and learning new skills …


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