Treated and colored hair needs specific treatments to make it shine. Let’s find out all the tips to be adopted

I treated hair are less “healthy” than hair that does not suffer stress due to chemical treatments such as dyes, highlights and the meches. Even hair not dyed, but subjected to physical treatments due to the use of hair dryers, plates and irons are dull, fragile and not very bulky.

Sometimes if we damage our hair too much, our hair-stylist will be forced to make a clean cut to remedy the problem. If we take care of our hair even with simple gestures we can achieve good results. Let’s find out how this is possible.


Treated and colored hair should be washed frequently, so as to avoid them losing their shine. We must choose a specific shampoo for treated hair, which gently cleanses without being too aggressive.

For women with dyed hair, the latter must be washed with a specific shampoo for colored hair, in order to guarantee a intense color and shining hair, preventing discoloration.

After thoroughly washing and rinsing the hair, it is important to apply a conditioner, always excellent quality, which nourishes and strengthens hair, if weakened.

Once a week it is preferable to apply a mask that gives light and nourishes the hair.


La drying phase is also fundamental for having shiny hair. When drying hair with phon, the power output should not be maximum but average and you should not get too close to the hair dryer.

I hair before drying them with the hair dryer must be dabbed gently with a towel, without squeezing it too much.

After combing the hair with a soft bristle brush to remove the knots, even if you have applied the balm.

Switch to drying, start to dry the hair without putting the spout in front of the hair dryer, so as to disperse the heat evenly on all hair. You will add it to the end of drying to shape your hair.


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