Trends 2019 matte nail Polish on short nails

Every season brings new fashion and manicure is no exception. And since the hands are the calling card of every woman, for fashion and trends to follow is a must. For our readers we have to reveal the secret what kind of manicure will be useful next season

Trends in matte nail fashion Polish

 Trends 2019 matte nail Polish on short nails

One of the latest trends for next season will be a matte enamel. Fashionable of a certain color difficult to name, because the matte finish is welcome in a variety of colors. The main feature of this coating is its versatility, as matte manicure looks great:

    in everyday life, at work, at events; receptions; on the disco club.

If yes, now deeper dark colors are more popular, 2019 are open to variation for a fantasy. Designers are advised not to limit and use the following colors in an opaque version:

    beige, gray, cream, green, blue; rose; violet

Furthermore, it is recommended to focus on one or two nails. It can be rhinestones, drawings, prints, stickers.

Another of the “chips” of the season that will be combined with a manicure using the same matte and glossy color.

Matte manicure on short nails: the main trend 2019

All variants of matte finish will be at the peak of popularity, but the main trend of 2019 will be a manicure matte with 3D effect . On short nails, you will have an elegant, beautiful, elegant appearance.

The most fashionable in matt enamel tones

 Trends 2019 matte nail Polish on short nails

The choice of nail color depends on the overall image and internal state, but, in any case, as fashion commands, and the most fashionable in matte nail polish shades are:

    red – a classic that never goes out of fashion; beige will be the new season; deep blue back in the trend and will be next season, purple, another novelty of the 2019 season; a constant of fashion will remain on the contrast of white and black.

Furnishing matt enamel

Limitations in nail decoration no. Arm yourself with matte paint, and use the coating equipment safely, which I prefer. It will be large in the opaque version of the following equipment:

    nail art; printing; moon manicure; French; slope; strazikami decoration; manicure «negative space»; Naked; knitted manicure; lace cover; geometric of the image.

The best designs and drawings for the matte nail Polish

Matt finish itself looks great, but you can embellish a variety of ornaments or patterns. With this addition, the manicure will be more perfect. The choice of model depends on taste preferences and selection style, but we suggest some ideas in the picture.

 Trends 2019 matte nail Polish on short nails


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