Woman removing her eyes with cotton

When we were fifteen, the biggest concern of the girls was to wake up and not have any granite that could be noticed on the skin, but over time that changed. Gradually these imperfections were disappearing and now the biggest concern has become what products to use to avoid mistreating and avoiding the expression lines? Because in addition we are honest, 24 hours a day are not enough to achieve all the purposes we set out.

So you probably already know that it is normal that among the things we want to facilitate in our lives is care of our skin, especially that of the face, that is why we have investigated some of the best types of make-up removers that will not only save your complexion, but also save you some minutes that you can use to sleep those ‘five minutes’ more.

 Woman removing her eyes with cotton

Well to begin, let’s understand that facial cleansing should be essential after a long day with makeup and just as there are creams, masks and Other products for different skin types there are also different make-up removers for each of the needs that the skin demands. So we will focus on two of them, which are the fastest and yet very effective.

1. Micellar water

 Homemade micellar water in a plastic bottle

This is a basic in the daily cleaning routine, and most likely you have already seen it in various brands, as most companies who are dedicated to cosmetics have opted for the creation of their own. But why is it so popular? This is basically because of the micelles, which are molecules responsible for trapping dust, makeup and impurities and thus removing them from the skin to leave it clean.

In addition to this micellar water helps regulate the pH of the skin and can be the Best ally to keep it hydrated. You can use it not only to remove makeup, it can also serve as a boost when you leave the gym or simply if you get dry skin, all you have to do is make sure your skin is completely clean when the applique On the other hand, one of its biggest advantages is that it doesn’t have to be rinsed out, so your skin care routine will be much faster and easier.

A tip that you can use When you start using this product if it is new for you is to take a cotton disc, moisten it with micellar water and pass it through your face making sure that the cotton is impregnated with all the makeup that is on the skin and repeat this several times until that the cotton does not have any remains of dust or impurities, you can also use it to be able to make up your eyes, moisturizing the cotton disk in the same way, and leaving it for about 10 seconds on the eyelid to be able to remove all the makeup more easily. Well, the best thing is that it is not necessary to rinse.

2. Cleansing milk

 Homemade cleansing milk in a glass container with a metal spoon

A second option, but which is still one of the best allies of women are cleansing milks, they work very well similar to micellar water and there are for all skin types. One of its main benefits is that it removes more deeply the rest of the makeup (base, lipstick, blush, shadows). And it also helps the skin to breathe, that is, prevents the formation of blackheads.

However, although its use is very popular, it is a bit more “complicated” than that of micellar water. It is because unlike the first, the cleansing milk does rinse. So you must first moisten the face, then apply a little product on the fingertips and begin to perform a gentle massage on your skin, so that you extend it along the face and you can also do a deeper cleaning in each area as necessary.

3. Remember to hydrate at the end

 Girl moisturizing her skin with moisturizer after taking a bath

Then, wash your face with facial soap so that the cleansing is even deeper and after that you can dry your face with a clean towel.

Finally, for any of the two options you decide to use, you must be aware that after you remove your makeup you should moisturize your skin, this so that the pH returns to normal and thus also avoid the lines of expression.


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