Short fingers and oval nails

Having well-groomed hands is a priority for most women: they invest time and money to go for a manicure, an aesthetic procedure that involves removing the cuticle, removing dead skin from the fingers (stepparents), filing the edges of the nails and leave them flawless with a glaze.

Like clothes or hair, there are nail styles that are better than others. The first step is to detect if you have large or small hands, short or long fingers and oval, beak or square nails. Having the above points clear, you are ready to know which manicure suits you best and will make you look spectacular hands.

1. Short fingers

 Short fingers and oval nails

Nails: oval.

Reason: Visually lengthen the hands; it is important that the length is not excessive.

2. Fingers chubby

 Fat fingers and long square nails

Nails: round.

Reason: Optically thin hands; they must be slightly long.

3. Slim fingers

 Slim fingers and square nails

Nails: square.

Reason: Stylize the hand; the fingertip must not exceed more than one millimeter.

4. Intermediate fingers

 Almond nails

Nails: Almond.

Reason: They will lengthen and thin your fingers.

5. Big hands

 Nails for big hands

Nails: semi-square, round or coffin (wide bottom and narrow top).

Reason: Le they will give a stylized touch.

6. Small hands

 small hands oval and round nails

Nails: oval or round.

Reason: They will make the hand look longer ; add an enamel of the same shade.

7. Fat hands

 oval and round nails

Nails: oval or round.

Reason: The length must be intermediate for them to look stylized. Forget about the French design, since this makes the hand look bigger and the fingers wider.

8. Long hands

 Long hands, square nails French design

Nails: square and rectangular.

Reason: Stylize your hands; the length does not exceed the fingertips. The French manicure is perfect in this case.

9. Narrow nails

 Casket nails

Type: Casket

Reason: They will lengthen your fingers; If the birth of your nails is narrow, use long, thin nails with a square tip; you must go to the aesthetics to have them done.

10. Wide nails

 square nails

Type: Square.

Reason: You will give a different touch to your hands; watch the birth of your nails; if it is wide, the shape that goes with you the most is the square; if you want to use details, round the tips a bit.


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