12 things men do not understand about women

It’s not that I believe in prejudices and that I do not think ALL men in this world do not understand women, but I think that the few differences that exist between the sexes can lead to some misunderstandings of the two. sides. And worst of all, it’s not that it’s the lack of good will that is to blame. The vast majority of the time, it is vain to force oneself, one is just not able to understand each other between us, for lack of (good) communication …

Gentlemen, to help you on this beautiful winter day to better understand women, here are 12 things you probably do not understand yet about women. You’re welcome!

1.We do not always say what we think all the time

Sometimes, you have to work a little and read between the lines … Like in these situations, if you asked!

2.We do not all chive on salads

Once in a while, we like to pay big money for a poutine. And, no, we do not feel guilty about doing it and we will not go crazy for that.

3.It’s hard to love each other even if you tell us how beautiful we are

Even if it helps us to be told how funny and slim and beautiful and smart it is, it will never change the fact that it’s hard to believe. It’s not that we do not trust you, it’s just that we all have a hard time not listening (and believing) the beauty criteria conveyed by too many mass media …

4.We like to dress to please ourselves

It’s not to please you (sorry there). It’s not to try to be more hawt than other women. It’s just because we like it, dress well and make it look like something for certain occasions.

5.We love it when you show your little sensitive side

We swear we like it, men who talk about their feelings and that you do not miss any manhood when you do!

6.Because we do not all fiddle with bad boys

Cursed rotten snapshot. So be yourself and stop trying to change to be what you think we want because, anyway, sometimes we do not know ourselves before we come across the perfect guy for us .. .

7.We want you to take the lead once in a while

It’s not that we are lazy and we are tired of deciding what we do together, it’s just that we like to know that you want to spend time with us to the point of taking the time to to organize something from A to Z. It does not need to be complicated because it’s really the intention that counts, not the extraordinary idea of ​​your date in itself!

8.We say we have nothing to wear when we are tired of our old clothes

We know that we have five pairs of pants, as many dresses and double sweaters as that. It’s just that we want to go shopping, even if we clearly do not have the means to renew our wardrobe …

9.We worry all the time because we care about you

Tse, it’s not to piss you off that you are asked for news or an SMS when you arrive at your destination.

10.Do not be on purpose to be jealous

Worse times, just sometimes, you give us reasons to be jealous even if you do not realize it. And yes, we know that you are just as good …

11.We do not find that heels and our tight dress are comfortable

But we find ourselves beautiful in it or, sometimes, we are also required to dress like that for certain special occasions. We do not always choose to be punched as all because of a dress code and, believe me, we would prefer to be in our joggings even if we told you that we are so comfortable.

12.We do not really want to tear off your head when we have our period

We love your head too much for that!


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