Intense day at work, do you come home with swollen feet? Relax by taking a foot bath with vinegar, discover all the benefits

The well-being of the person starts from the feet, so it is important to do so is a real cure for our body is a real cuddle that put us back together after a long and tiring day. Among the various footbaths you can do there is the one in vinegar that is known for its 4 benefits, but only if you do it regularly. Of course vinegar is known as as condiment to use in the kitchen, but not everyone uses it for the foot bath. It is known because it eliminates bad smells, eliminates scale deposits.

Rely on us to discover the 4 advantages you can have by doing a foot bath with vinegar .

It heals from the “athlete’s foot”

The athlete’s foot is a skin infection that causes eruptions and blisters, it is really very annoying and in some cases even very dangerous. Among the different ways to treat it is to make the foot bath with vinegar

In a basin of warm water, dissolve the white wine vinegar and a little salt from the kitchen, dip your feet for 15 minutes, relax. After that time, take them away, dry them and apply of pure vinegar on the areas affected by the infection.

By doing this periodically, you will notice a great relief.

Eliminate foot swelling

After a long hectic day between work, household chores and physical activity, do you feel tired and your legs heavy? Didn’t you even have time to sit down? It can happen that your feet swell, if you want them to return to their usual size in no time, you can do the footbath in vinegar.

Preparation of the foot bath: fill a basin with hot water, but it must be very hot, let it melt inside a spoonful of vinegar, a tablespoon of coarse salt and a tablespoon of Epsom salt. Now also add some dried lavender to give a little perfume. Put your feet immersed in this footbath in vinegar for at least 15 minutes and relax, allow yourself some time for yourself. You will immediately notice the benefits, your feet will no longer be swollen.

Cure mycoses and eliminates the bad smell of the feet

Making the footbath with water and vinegar is really good for mycoses, if you attend public showers, damp environments like swimming pools, the probability of fungi is high. You can eradicate mycoses, which is not at all easy, with a foot bath with vinegar. When you immerse your feet in the basin for 15 minutes, you re-establish the right PH and this can contribute to healing mycosis and consequently eliminate the bad foot odor.

Eliminate warts

Vinegar acids are very effective against viruses that cause warts in the skin of the feet. In this case you must use the apple one.

Fill a basin with warm water, put half a cup of apple cider vinegar and let the feet soak for about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can apply vinegar to the wart directly with the help of a cotton pad.

Improve foot health

The vinegar foot bath is a real beauty remedy for your feet, contributes to:

  • keeping the skin hydrated
  • eliminating cracking from the heels

If you put your feet immersed in water and vinegar for a few minutes, in order to eliminate the dead skin, you can facilitate the operation with the pumice stone . If you prefer to give your feet a scent you can put a few drops of your essential oil into your water.


The vinegar footbath is a natural remedy but nevertheless presents some contraindications. People suffering from diabetes or other diseases that can affect blood circulation, it is preferable to seek advice from your doctor.

If you do so often the foot baths could cause inflammation, never do it if you have wounds open.

In all other cases, you can safely take care of the well-being of your feet with this simple natural remedy.


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