The primer is the first step of the make-up after the daily skincare routine to take care of your skin. Here’s what types exist and how it applies

The primer is a cosmetic product that helps spread the base for the make-up, that is the first step of the make-up, immediately after the skincare daily routine for a perfect skin. After applying a moisturizer, apply this product that levels imperfections, makes the complexion uniform, masks any defects and – as the name suggests – prepares the skin for a perfect make-up.

Obviously there are many types of makeup primers: there are the base primers, the eye primers, the lip primers, with different colors and textures. The choice of primer depends on many factors, such as the type of skin or the color of the complexion.

What is the primer used for?

The primer is considered a cosmetic preparatory to makeup and has multiple functions:

  • correct imperfections
  • give the skin a uniform color
  • remove opacity
  • give the skin a bright and healthy appearance
  • cover dark circles and spots on the face

Depending on the type of primer, it will intervene on one or another area of the face: there are primers that constitute a sort of antechamber to the mineral foundation, while others uniform the eye contour or the lip contour, making the skin toned, luminous and compact.

Types of primers

There are different types of primers, designed specifically for certain areas of the face or particular colors and textures. As we know, there are many types of leather: the primer serves to meet every need and help create a “porcelain doll” complexion.

Face primer

The primer to be applied all over the face, after the moisturizer and before the foundation, is a neutral color, which points to correct blemishes and skin imperfections. There are two types of face primers:

  • matting, to even out the skin
  • illuminating, to highlight the complexion or features

Facial primers are also known as “make-up base”, they anticipate compact or liquid foundation and concealers, prolonging the seal in a lasting way.

Lip primer

The purpose of the lip primers is to keep the lipstick tight for as long as possible, in addition to minimizing inhomogeneities and imperfections, cracks and cracks. The primers, in liquid or more creamy, in stick or pencil, also serve to redesign the lips slightly and prevent the lipstick from concentrating only in certain areas of the mouth.

Eye primer

The eye primer is intended as a substitute for the concealer and should be applied after the moisturizer: it serves to even out the skin, before applying eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara for fabulous eyelashes. The primer can be illuminating and / or fixative: it gives brightness to the eye and helps to make pencils stable. The primer also fixes the powder eye shadows and buffers the effects of the glossy patina on the eyes, also called “oily eyelid”.

Primer colors

The primers are available in various colors, from the most neutral to the various shades. Each color has a specific purpose or, rather, aims to mask a defect. Here’s what the various colors correspond to:

  • Neutral primer: it is the color of its own skin, it anticipates the foundation and points to a uniform complexion
  • Pink primer or peach: perfect for the eye area and for a cold and clear complexion
  • Yellow primer: it has an illuminating function and is perfect for dull complexions
  • Mauve primer: contrasts olive and yellowish skins
  • Green primer: perfect for combating bags and dark circles or rashes


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