What types of waxing apply to the groin or armpits?

The waxes are not all the same, as are the different parts of the body. Here is what hair removal method to choose for face, legs, arms and groin.

Depilation is an ancient practice: the Egyptians used creams based on oil and honey; a procedure also used in ancient Greece and Rome, often using fiery walnut shells for the legs. Other methods of hair removal have been regularly adopted among the various populations of Islamic culture. Today hot or cold waxing is one of the most widespread practices for having smooth legs and compact and soft skin. Now that the summer is approaching, it is time to think about the depilation of the bikini area and the “most exposed” parts of the body. Here are some types of waxing to keep you from being unprepared.

Waxing: which to choose for our body parts?

Waxing is the most common and used among all hair removal methods. More painful than razor and depilatory cream (even if painless waxing exists!), It is more effective and guarantees lasting results, along with slower hair growth. There are various types of waxing, which relate to the mode of application and the consistency of the wax. Cold waxing involves the use of depilatory strips to be applied to the area of ​​the affected skin after having warmed them a bit, even by rubbing them between the hands or leaving them for a short time on the radiator.

This type of hair removal is less effective than hot waxing, because it is more delicate and less invasive. However, it is ideal for the most sensitive areas of the body, such as groin and upper lip. We recommend this method of waxing also for the arms. Hot wax is probably the most effective method, even if it is painful for legs and groin, but it guarantees the best results: smooth skin for at least three weeks, without the risk of folliculitis and ingrown hairs, unpleasant discomforts that can manifest with the razor and electric epilator.

The advantages of Arab waxing

Arab waxing is one of the most delicate and painless DIY hair removal methods. In fact, the recipe involves the use of water, lemon and sugar and, if desired, it can be expected to add honey. The light version of the Arab wax is particularly suitable for the most sensitive parts of the body or those rich in glands. You can prove yourself the benefits of a smoother skin, with this type of waxing for armpits and groin. An ideal type of waxing also to eliminate the mustache. Also recommended for pregnant women.

Groin waxing: an effective method

Groin waxing is one of the most feared beauty treatments for women, although it is difficult to do without them. Many are the types: the Brazilian waxing that eliminates all, or almost all, the hairs of the genital area and of the buttocks; the American waxing, which traces a sort of triangle following the direction of the slip; the Mohican waxing, which draws a slightly thinner triangle, perfect for a very high-cut bikini.


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