Wedding sandals 2019

Open or closed shoes for the wedding day? Those who prefer the latter must definitely discover the latest innovations in wedding sandals 2019

The bride, let’s face it without fear and fear, is at the center of attention. The looks of the guests, neighbors, passers-by and, of course, the groom, are all reserved for her, the protagonist of the event. She is the icon of the ceremony, the undisputed queen of marriage. Looks yes, but also critical. Everyone is ready to look at it, praise it but also to judge it.

This should not affect your choice of style, on the contrary you must absolutely select the wedding dress that you consider most suitable and in line with your being. Once you have identified the dress, perhaps a model chosen from the latest bridal trends, you will have to switch to the selection of accessories and in this case the shoes play a very fundamental role. They give impetus to the silhouette but could also cause pain in the feet, due to the height or simply because they are uncomfortable. So pay attention to what you put at your feet!

Which shoes to choose? Many opt for the classic décolleté, perhaps embellished with an ankle strap, t-bar or some crystal to give light. With the arrival of summer or simply because you don’t like closed shoes, many women opt for the new 2019 wedding sandals.

Let’s see together what are the latest proposals to calmly and critically decide which footwear to match your wedding dress!

Simple wedding sandals

Silk satin is one of the materials that future wives will prefer for their wedding day. The sandals with crossed bands on the toes and with ankle band are often the ideal footwear for the wedding. Prefer, for convenience, models with medium and large heels, so you will experience less discomfort, since you will wear them all day, unless you have planned a change of shoes (which we frankly advise against!). Brands like Menbur and Albano sign some of the most beautiful and refined satin wedding sandals.

Lace wedding sandals

If on one hand we find the minimal classicism of silk, on the other we notice the romantic elegance of lace. You can buy ready-made lace sandals, like the ones we find in the Enzo Miccio bridal collection, or order them to measure. Many women choose this option because they want the lace of shoes and dress to be the same.

Jewel bridal sandals

Crystals and diamonds decorate the new 2019 bridal sandals. We find it of all kinds, from the checkered with brilliant t-bar to the proposals with wavy bands and jewelery that enclose the instep. There are models with lists on the fingers covered with oversize crystals or pearls, and even wedges, perfect for the summer, with imposing and shiny gems. The brands that sign them include Dune London, Alma en Pena, Wallis and Alessandra Rinaudo.

Do you like wedding sandals and would you wear them on your wedding day? And if so, which model?

Jewel sandal with Swarovski crystals

Sandals with crossed bands, pearls and crystals

High satin sandals with crystals and rhinestones

Medium satin sandals

White sandals with lace and rhinestone brooch

Sandal with wavy t-bar and plateau

Elegant lace sandals with ankle strap

Pink sandal with crossed straps

Tall sandals with flower-shaped tulle decoration

Wedge and crystal sandals

Elegant and precious sandals with hanging rhinestones

Wide-heeled sandals with crystals on the band


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