Weekly menus

Yes! We can really optimize our time, save money and find all the meals of the week ready and in order thanks to our weekly menu

Getting organized in week – end usually when you have a little bit more time, especially on Sundays, especially when those icy winter Sundays start to appear. Thus, in the late afternoon we can start to draw up a list reflecting first on what we have at home, then we will build all the possible combinations to give life to complete meals depending on whether we are on a diet or not . Already having a planned and clear meal plan certainly helps us not to settle for the first thing we find in the fridge and it can also save us from the temptations of junk food . You no longer have to waste time thinking about what to cook, the fridge will never be empty and, above all, you will be the masters of your food choices as well as satisfied. Very important is also saving not only time but also economically, we avoid spending money on foods that are sometimes bought without a real reason and are then thrown away because they have expired and never used.

The privileges of the weekly menu

Everyone gets home very late after a long and stressful day at work, spending a lot of time with their children because they are still very small and therefore not autonomous. These and many other daily events fill most of our day, and we often find ourselves cooking very late and going to bed without even having digested. Well, forget the tiredness of thinking about varying the meals of the week because you will find everything already beautiful ready to heat or not, eat and enjoy food of many varieties every day. You will already be super informed about what you will eat throughout the week and you will be able to dedicate yourself, in the relaxation spaces to family, hobbies, sports.

Planning of the weekly menu

Paper and pen and the plan starts!

  • First of all let’s think about the fact that there may be some dishes that are repeated during the week. Therefore, with the same ingredients in greater quantities it will be possible to prepare more equal meals
  • We understand how many times we want to eat the same foods
  • We also have many bases that can be used several times by changing combinations, condiments, cooking such as rice cereals and pseudo cereals of any type
  • We can start with the preparation of foods that remain fresh for several days like soups vegetables
  • We fix and schedule 21 total meals of the week ( 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners)
  • We begin to divide the quantities of types of food, for example: 4 times fish, 3 times eggs, 2 times red meat, 4 times white meat, 3 times cheese, 5 times legumes

The 21 meals on the menu and all advance preparations

The 7 breakfasts

The 7 lunches

The 7 dinners

Every day we add vegetables of choice, types of fish (also canned) such as salmon, tuna, etc. The snacks of yogurt and dried fruit are inserted. We can prepare in advance in order: the pancakes for breakfast, the rice and the eggplant parmigiana in the pan (which on Monday will then be heated in the microwave), the legume balls

Everything is in order and our week will start with a touch of lightness.


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