What age do you show? Seeming older depends on the DNA

According to recent studies, it would be a genetic variant to make some people look older than their real age.

Si chima MC1R the gene that would affect the appearance of our skin the one who in some cases would make some people look a lot more mature than they actually are. This gene in particular primarily affects the pigmentation of the skin, hair, but in some people, there is a variant that would also affect the age of the skin.

A team of researchers carried out a study on a sample of about 3000 people to identify genetic variants in DNA. The results of the study identified a variant of the MC1R gene only in some people destined to look older for life. Like genetics, an enzyme responsible for skin aging has also been identified recently .

The MC1R gene variant, the cause for which some people seem older

Our DNA is our programming internal, one who influences every aspect of our person and unfortunately sometimes the onset of some pathologies. The MC1R gene in a variant influences the appearance of the skin. All those with a particular variation of this gene in the DNA seem much older than their real age.

The research that led to the discovery of the genetic variant was carried out by a team of researchers from Erasmus Medical Center of the University of Rotterdam . The researchers analyzed the genome of more than 2,600 seniors to be able to identify DNA variants and show their photos to a group of people. The result was that the people who presented the variant of the MC1R gene in their DNA were older. Women in particular, looked much older than their male counterparts.

People with this particular genetic variation seemed on average about 2 years older. However, let us remember that our lifestyle is also influenced by the appearance and aging of our skin. Those who smoke, drink and lead a life with too tight rhythms, will be brought to an early skin aging even without the mutation of the MC1R gene. There are friendly foods to be included in the diet to have perfect skin and sunscreen that is always the absolute first anti wrinkle.


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