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Our daily routine actions hide unpredictable damage to our health. Find out what happened to this man used to playing with the phone in the dark.

In an article broadcast by Daily Mail it emerges that a man lost his sight after spending the night playing on his cell phone. Here’s what led to blindness.

Life always surprises us with problems that arise when we least expect it. When these unexpected situations attack our health, we realize that everything else does not matter and that in the course of our existence we are really hanging by a thread.

We spend our lives running, stressing ourselves to try to get immediate satisfaction of our pleasures and to expand our financial capital, but suddenly life reminds us to open our eyes and realize what the real priorities are. Tragedies or sudden illnesses can occur in order to make us aware of the importance of our health.

He loses his sight after playing all night with his phone

This sordid story transmitted by our colleagues of Daily Mail took place in Shenzhen, China. A man spent the evening playing on the cell phone unaware of what would happen the next day.

The man, as often happened, was in his room, with the lights off, the only source of light was represented from the screen of his mobile device. After playing for several hours, the man fell asleep at dawn. When he woke up a few hours later, he realized that he only saw one eye. In a panic, he rushed to the hospital to try to understand the reasons underlying this partial blindness.

After examining the patient, the doctors determined that blindness had been caused by bleeding from the left eye.

The man had suffered a rupture of the retinal vessels, causing a loss of vision. According to the doctors, this vision disorder can occur after considerable physical effort. But in reality, the man was absolutely not aware of the risk he was running playing on the phone in the dark so much that he would have easily done it again the next day if he had not suffered this visual disturbance.

Call retinalopathy of Valsalva this condition can cause blurred vision or partial or total blindness. Fortunately this condition does not represent a permanent disability, the man could recover his sight in a month by relying on a laser operation.

Another case of Valsalva retinopathy

This little-known condition also affected a 32-year-old Briton in 2010 as reported on British Journal Case Reports . In fact, the man did a series of acrobatics upside down and lost his sight about six hours later. He was rushed to the hospital because he could not see anything from his right eye. The doctors diagnosed the rupture of several retinal vessels, resulting in bleeding. The medical staff explained that the intense effort of the man caused pressure on the ocular vessels and that this caused the rupture.

Retinopathy: a condition that can cause a sudden loss of vision

 natural remedies of stye According to scientists, retinal pathology Valsalva is a rare disease caused by increase in pressure in the blood vessels throughout the body . In fact, no prevalence of the disease has been established in individuals with particular problems as it can affect healthy individuals. However, it has been agreed that this eye disorder causes the rupture of the ocular vessels which leads to hemorrhage in the retina. Furthermore, it appears that this pathology manifests itself following trauma, physical exertion or intense stress . Sometimes the Valsalva retinopathy may recur a few weeks or even years later. Therefore, it is advisable for the person who has already had this affection not to face the sources of stress that caused it the first time.



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