What roofing types for roof

Modern construction technologies make it possible to build a beautiful house fairly quickly.

One of the most important stages of home construction is the design and installation of the roof. The choice of roof, but rather of roofing material for a home is very important, because it is the roof of the house will provide the warmth and security of your home for years to come.

Today the types of roofing materials on the market construction in great abundance.

Manufacturers offer the consumer a variety of roof types, different external characteristics, technical characteristics, quality, durability, etc.

However, when a person chooses a roofing material for the home and see the store so that a variety of cover types for your home, you receive a lot of questions, for example:

    What is the roof of the house is better, than What material for the roof of the house to choose which roofing material (roof) will be more durable and more reliable What roofing material to buy less, but the concept of: quality – price match, the Roof from a roof mounted faster, easier and less cost so Type of cover for your home will look more beautiful and fit one or the other side of the house, That the roof of the house is perfect for a country house, and what roofing material is best to use for the warehouse.

 What roofing types for roof Which roofing material for the roof to choose

Today we will try to characterize the types of roofing for the house, telling what kind of material of cover, you should pay more attention to your home and your reliable fortress, which does not fear either storm or hail, neither snow nor wind.

What to do for roofing cover types

To distinguish the different types of roofing materials, but we call the following types of roofing:

    Beautiful and inexpensive metallocherepichnoy angulifolia craverolanis direct cover for domnitorului on upload posters harmful to the environment h hyperplasia patriciamanterola ceramic Cherepetskaya membrane from vili and cementicious of lanzagort of shingles in fiberglass and bituminous roof, which is applied to the concrete

 roof option </p>
<p> Named in our list of roofing material types are included in a variety of categories, such as cost, quality and technical features. <br /> Let's look at some types of roofing for your home. </p>
<h2> Types of roofing materials: metal </h2>
<p> Roofing material such as roofing metal tile at a reasonable price. Its appearance is no worse than natural tiles, and the price is much cheaper. </p>
<p> The metal has a relatively small weight of 4-6 kg / sqm, Coated with a special protective coating based on polymers and paint. [19659002] In its composition, this roof, like metal, is made of steel, zinc, aluminum </p>
<p> Mounted in metal it is quite simple. Install the metal roof with screws in the color of the metal. </p>
<p> <img class= Types of roofing materials: metal, inexpensive, but of decent quality, material of cover

The metal is not only used for the roof of the house, but also for the covering of construction sites, including industrial buildings and structures for economic purposes.

The duration of operation of the metal affects the quality of the profile . But with the choice of this roofing material it is a good profile, you can be relaxed up to 50.

There is a metal composite instead of a material protection polymer covered with a layer of stone chips .

But despite all the advantages of the metal, the construction market experts also have the disadvantages that it has a metal roof.

Perform the installation of a metal roof, you will have a lot of waste. In a house with a metal roof it is quite noisy, it is not a secret that hits the metal, even a municipality of Apple makes the noise.

Types of roofing for the roof: corrugated sheet

Roofing material such as the corrugated sheet, also called sheets and profiled floors, gofrolist, shaped like steel. Like metal, which will last about 50 years

Corrugated layer of metal, steel and zinc above. The roof is made of corrugated iron, moreover, it refers to an inexpensive type of roof.

 What type of roofing: types of roof for roof Types of roofing materials: corrugated roof sheet is lower in appearance, but the quality is the same

However, its appearance is slightly lower than that of metal. The profile that is used for the corrugated sheet can be thicker.

There is also a protective coating polymer. The types of corrugated appearance of the profile is wavy or rectangular.

Each manufacturer selects their point of view of a corrugated cardboard roof, for example, T7, T14, T15, T8, T45. The quality and reliability of corrugated cardboard varies according to the quality of the material and the processing

Corrugated sheets of sheets assembled without too much difficulty using the screws under the color of the roof. The corrugated sheet is installed with a slope of not less than 100 with an overlap of about 20 cm.

As a corrugated layer it is not the most beautiful roofing material, it is usually often Port of warehouses, factories, shops, stalls, etc. . Although, like the economic version, it is quite suitable for the roof of the house.

Against corrugated metal such metal deficiencies. We must also highlight the need for isolation.

Types of roofs: Onduline

After our list of «Types of roofing materials for the home» – Onduline, whose duration is up to 40 years. Distinctive features of which the producers declare, is its water resistance.

This natural roofing material like Onduline, made from cellulose fibers, with impregnation bitumen and polymer components.

For those who do not have familiar with the name of Onduline, he may have seen other signs of the roof.

 Types of roofing materials Ondulin or euroslate refers to ecological roofing materials [19659002] Onduline is known in the construction market, as akvalin or euroslate. <br /> The roof of Ondulin, coated with a layer of polymer of a particular color, is considered environmentally safe, ecological and waterproof. <br /> Ondulin sheet weighs about 6.5 kg, its length is 2 m, the width of the sheet evroshifer - 0.96 m. the height of the wave is 3.6 cm </p>
<p> Onduline is mounted with special nails (evroshifer) with a minimal inclination of the roof - 60. </p>
<p> Euroslate is suitable for both simple and complex roofs of a house, including for the covering of sheds and other structures. </p>
<p> Euroslate roof is considered silent and quite easy to install. Resists almost the loading tone. For the price of Onduline also considered an economic material </p>
<p> But the shortcomings of evroshifer also, unfortunately, c '. This cover is made of refractory material. Over time, the color fade Ondulin. </p>
<p> In the heat of the roof of Ondulin becomes soft, and the smell of bitumen. </p>
<h2> Types of roofing materials: slate </h2>
<p> Subsequent material on our list of «Types of roofs for houses

This roofing material can be called the cheapest price range, but the ego structure, ie, Portland cement and asbestos, hardly can be called environmentally friendly.

 What types of roofing materials: slate is an economical option for the roof </p>
<p> Slate has less use for the roof of a house, often setting the slate for barns, warehouses, etc. </p>
<h3> Characteristics of standard slate slab: </h3>
<ul style= Weighing a slate slab from 10 to 15 khrypuny sheet has a length 1750 mm slate: from 980 to 1130 mm. the sheet contains 6-8 waves

Mounted roofing material such as slate, under a bias of 12 600. The slate is installed with an overlap of 1-2 waves.

The coating under the slate is made of felt separator or glassine. Also need a soft coating under the nails

Slate does not burn and is easily installed on the roof, but here are the slate cons, like fragility, damage to human health, and the appearance of moss over of the time, forcing consumers to sway their preferences towards the most expensive and high-quality roofing materials.

Types of roof roofs: tiles

Subsequent material on our list of «Roof types for roof» will be glass tiles, which refers to roofing materials.

For the manufacture of roof tiles using the modified or oxidized bitumen, termizirovannye in granules or in mineral grains. Shingles is considered the sound of an insulating material for the roof.

 What should be the roof: types of roof for roof Types of roofs: shingles is suitable for both simple and complex tetti

It looks like shingles in the form of hexagons, pentagons, and elongated rectangles, it looks very beautiful. Presents th cover material in a variety of colors. For the installation of shingles you need a solid case

Herpes zoster – a great option if you are thinking of a roof complex. Also, waste during installation a little.

The period of operation of the material: about 50 years.

Types of roofing for your home: Natural, ceramic tiles, cement tiles and sand

Natural ceramic tiles is considered an elite of roofing for the home. Ceramic tiles stand out more, but its appearance deserves to pay more. The shelf life of this cover is over a hundred years. Ceramic tile weighs 40-70 kg / 1 sqm. m.

Another natural tile based on cement and sand, which is also called concrete, differs from ceramic tiles, the production method (printing-laminating technology).

 What should be the roof: types of roof for roof Types of roof for your house: natural tiles is the most expensive and the most elite roofing material

For this type of clay tile is fired in a special method, thus making it more dense and vodoustojchivy. Unfortunately, concrete tiles will not last as long as ceramic.

We have called the most common types of roofing materials, which are used more frequently today, emphasizing their main characteristics.

But other materials of coverage represented in our classification of «Types of roofs for housing, without doubt, are very popular on the roof market and create a small competition at affordable prices for metal, corrugated sheet, Onduline, slate, and, of course, ceramic tiles.


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