What to wear with a pencil skirt

The name «pencil skirt» is the peculiarity of this part of the wardrobe, that is to say a characteristic narrowing at the bottom.

This thing for different seasons in fashion is at the peak of popularity, thanks to its ability to emphasize perfection of the female figure. Pencil skirt can be either with a high waistline, and vice versa. It clearly describes the hips and legs (up to knee level, and also below)

For most women, it is to observe a series of rules regarding the creation of organic ensembles with the use of this type of skirts.

1. Classic style

To create the image of a modern businesswoman, she must use a combination of a pencil skirt with a light fabric shirt (like chiffon), as well as elegant high heel pumps. The perfect addition to the ensemble can be tights or stockings of a dark color. With the onset of a cooler climate it could change the high-necked pullover shirt into fine yarn or a jacket in a fitted shape.

To ensure that this part of a businesswoman’s wardrobe more comfort, slim fit softened »slit made in the back, side or front of the skirt. In the simplest models of this element it is usually replaced by particular folds.

 What to wear with a pencil skirt

2.What to wear with a pencil skirt: this Romantic style.

A skirt in pencil created from fabrics of different colors and decorated with various prints, in combination with a tunic top, top corset (regardless of their length) – this optimal combination that allows you to create most of the feminine look. In this case, if your choice fell on the lace skirt of this model, it is worth combining with a smooth Golf and riding, they are made of the same material (like lace and decorated with appropriate insertions).

 What to wear with a pencil skirt

3. Elegant everyday life.

For everyday use a choice can be made in favor of the pencil skirt, the material for which it was made of leather and knit or cotton fabric. The colors of this part of the wardrobe can be very different. And the best, in addition to generated ensembles will be a cardigan, a comfortable sweater or a sinuous body of the shirt. Because casual style involves providing you with the highest degree of comfort, you should make a choice in favor of such shoe models as ankle boots, shoes, ballet flats or sandals with fairly thick, durable and practical sole.

In recent years, the most popular varieties of pencil skirts are considered those models for which the material is leather. The best combination for a common element of the whole can become a jacket made of natural fur. But the combination of these skirts with vests and denim jackets should be avoided.

4. A vivid image.

Velvet or satin in bright colors, a pencil skirt combined with delicate heels and a blouse, original finish, guaranteed to provide you with creating more festive and memorable ensembles. It is very important to integrate the created image optimally with decorations such as bracelets, earrings, brooches, etc.

No less brilliant aspect than a pencil skirt created by a jacquard combined with blouses, jackets, turtlenecks, different association sweaters, and boots.

5.Option for the slim lady.

Women, endowed with a harmonious physique, can make a choice in favor of a pencil skirt combined with a thin turtleneck sweater, sweater or shirt, the bottom, which is hidden in the belt. A good addition to selected ensembles will be with stiletto heels and a small clutch. Choosing quality footwear, combined with a pencil skirt, flat shoes without heels, is only in case you can boast of a perfect slender, long legs.

6.The optimal combination for fat ladies.

In that case, if you are not satisfied with their life, wear shirts, tunics and sweaters worn outside. This guarantees not only an extremely harmonious way, but, nevertheless, it will be able to “hide” some features of the figure. As a final touch, you can choose flat or fairly high-heeled elegant shoes and boots.


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