Would you like to choose an unusual and elegant manicure for this season, which would be harmonious in any image and would make your pens more attractive? Then you should pay attention to elegant white manicure.

A beautiful white manicure is versatile and attractive, represented by a large number of options and techniques, which will allow you to easily choose an elegant 2019-2020 manicure.

Unusual designs with bright or delicate colors, geometric patterns, rhinestones, sculptures, French manicures and the fashionable moon: all this looks very good on white nails.

It’s a fashionable white manicure that looks great with blue, red, black, pink and other lacquer colors.

For a better manicure, decorate the white nails with gold or silver stripes, golden glitter, special wire for manicure, stones and other stylish decorations that look great with the elegant white color in manicure.

Perfect white summer manicure, done in bright turquoise, blue and green tones.

But teachers also offer white manicures for the cold season, when you can use a more relaxed color scheme and thematic drawings.

Exquisite white manicure is the best choice to complement the evening arch for publication. To do this, choose a manicure with a white gel to polish with stones and decorations, exquisite drawings or rubs, for example, a white manicure with a metallic effect.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the best techniques of white manicure, beautiful manicure with white gel varnish 2019-2020 for short and sharp nails, black and white laconic manicure and a classic white jacket, you can see the photo in this review.

Perfect Black and White Manicure of 2019-2020

The favorable design of white manicure with black lacquer is the most modern among the girls and women who liked the white manicure.

This solution is excellent for a strict commercial style, and also a black and white manicure looks beautiful in its original appearance for every day.

The elegant black and white manicure of 2019-2020 It can be done using the “negative space” technique, when a part of the nail is unpainted and transparent.

Black and white fashion jacket, ombre, “color block” and other types of white manicure with black lacquer, which are always original and non-standard.

Refined white manicure 2019-2020 with color accents

The most suitable solution for a bright and colorful 2019-2020 manicure is a spectacular white manicure with color accents: it can be turquoise, blue, green, pink, peach lacquer shades .

When you add white manicure with shiny lacquer of other colors, as well as kamushkami, beads and manicure trimmings, you can create an incredibly beautiful white manicure that will harmoniously complete your fashion look for summer.

Luxury white manicure 2019-2020 with design

Exquisite white manicure with design and unusual prints always attract interest and make you pay attention to the beautiful nails.

The most advantageous and impressive manicure with a design seen in a white lacquer, which is the perfect background for the art of nails.

The elegant white manicure with a colorful and bright pattern is incredibly elegant and beautiful in each arch.

As a print, you can choose flowers: poppies, roses, tulips, daisies, as well as images of animals, hearts, balls, twigs, dots and stripes.

Exquisite white manicure 2019-2020 with red

The original design of the fashionable white manicure 2019-2020 with red lacquer is a very daring combination of manicure colors, but this solution will definitely please you. A spectacular manicure with red and white enamel looks attractive and slightly bold.

You want to be in the center of attention and be remembered for a beautiful and elegant manicure; then choose a modern white manicure with red lacquer, and you will not regret it, because it is the best combination of colors to create an elegant tie for 2019-2020.

Ideas for manicure with white varnish 2019-2020: photo of white manicure with design, white jacket, white manicure with rhinestones



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