Passion color

Red and white: the devil and holy water? It will not be entirely a coincidence that among the colors that are always in fashion even in this 2019 – in addition to white, synonymous with brightness and purity – there is red, the color that is associated with passion, love and seduction, but also to transgression, to blood and to aggression.

Think about it: everything associated with red is synonymous with passion or transgression. Red lipstick, which enhances heart-shaped lips, red hair, red heels. But also red wine, useful for rekindling passion, and of course clothes, from purple to burgundy, from cherry to crimson: red is the undisputed king of colors when it comes to fashion and seduction. But why?

Going back a few centuries, one realizes that red has a special meaning for every people on Earth. For Christians it is undoubtedly the color of the Passion, that of Christ, but at the same time it is also the color of sin: it is no coincidence that the devil is often represented red. The secret of his success is probably precisely in this apparent contradiction and fascinating ambiguity.

For other peoples, red indicates the irrational, primordial strength, creativity. However it is always synonymous with energy, feeling, seduction. And according to a study conducted on participants in the 2004 Olympics, athletes who won more medals wore red clothes. A simple coincidence? Perhaps not, since it is assumed that red, among other things, acts on us as stimulating and exciting.


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