Winter beauty routine

The summer season is coming to an end and with the low temperatures that will arrive also the beauty routine will have to undergo some changes. The skin will have to be hydrated and above all protected

If in summer a veil of cream and a few sprinkles of thermal water were enough to make the skin soft, velvety and above all hydrated, the winter beauty routine it will have to be decidedly more substantial . The skin and body care products must be designed to protect the skin from low temperatures and dehydration.

So go ahead to creams, tonics, vegetable oils and masks with enveloping textures enriched with butters and vegetable oils.

The skin allies in winter, the beauty routine for low temperatures

 do-it-yourself rose facial cream

The winter beauty routine will be rich and above all will give the skin protective formulations and definitely more full-bodied, perfect to protect it from the low temperatures that tend to dry it out.

The change will begin in the morning, when a cleansing milk to be applied with fingertips should be preferred to the fresh and foaming detergent of the summer and maybe remove with a cotton pad. moisturizing tonic will remove all traces of detergent

The treatment cream must have an almost buttery consistency and enriched with vegetable oils and vitamins . Applying it at least half an hour before starting makeup will avoid the unsightly shiny effect.

In the evening, go ahead nourishing masks, at least twice a week and apply rich vegetable oils and precious as jojoba, argan and musk rose. Just apply a few drops on damp skin and the oil will absorb like a serum. Then you can apply a night treatment cream

Even the lips and hands will need extra protection. Apply cocoa butter several times a day will protect and hydrate them . For the hands, in the evening, you can make a pack of pure shea butter.


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