Womens hairstyles in the Greek style for the image of the goddess

There are many variations of the Greek hairstyles. This hairstyle can be done on medium and long hair. And even for short hair, there are beautiful options.

Greek-style haircut never goes out of style. These hairstyles can be worn every day and holiday pictures.

The history of Greek hairstyles goes into Antiquity, ie Ancient Greece. These hairstyles are also in Vogue in the 19th century, during the reign in the style of classicism and the Empire. Today Greek style haircuts can be considered a classic. The most common model is a haircut with a headband and the Greek haircut knot with a low chignon.

 Womens hairstyles in the Greek style for the image of the goddess

Greek hairstyle with a bandage

Haircut with a bandage is very popular today. Typically traditionally, Greek women in antiquity used ribbon. Elastic band-band is a modern, cheaper replacement of the straps.

Greek hairstyle with a bandage can be done on hair of any length and therefore a lot of time and effort it requires. This haircut can be done independently for 20 minutes.

An excellent Greek-style haircut with a bandage and hair with bangs. And it would be perfect haircut for curly hair. In ancient Greece it was believed that the goddess with golden hair. Greek women imitated the hairstyles of the goddesses, so very popular in Ancient times used curly hair. It was in those days and there was a Perm

 Womens hair styles in the Greek style for the image of the goddess

To do a haircut with a hair band long should be:
• to fix the headband for invisible stability
• if you have bangs, it should be under a bandage
• divide the hair into small locks and wrap it in a bandage
• to fix the hair with hairpins and hair clips
• sprinkle with paint.

Medium length haircut with a bandage is done in the same way as for long hair. However, the hair and the bandage can be fixed with the Bobby pins, because the hair is not so heavy and the hair itself is waiting. If long hair can be spun under the edge, starting from its temples, the hair lengths lower, it should begin to tighten just below the ears.

For very short hair, you can do the following variation of the Greek hairstyle with a bandage to wind your hair and decorate with Greek-style ribbon. Or the circle.

 Womens hair styles in the Greek style
 Womens hair styles in the Greek style

Greek haircut site

Anti-glare hair is the Greek knot can be made on long hair and medium length hair. The bundle can be on the back of the head or neck. The hair is divided into divided in the middle. The bundle can be Pereval tape or thin braid of his hair.

This hairstyle will also look good with curly hair.

Greek host haircut bundle must be three-dimensional. You can do this:

• put on an elastic hair bandage
• collect all the hair in a loose low ponytail
• twist the strands of hair into a braid
• to raise the elastic band, head band and put in the bundle
• fix the hair with hairpins and hair clips

Hairstyle with an elastic band and the Greek knot can also decorate a flower made of fabric or natural flowers.  Womens hair styles in the Greek style for the image of the goddess
 Womens hair styles in the Greek style for the image of the goddess

Other Greek hair style options

In addition to models with a bandage and the Greek knot, and today there are other hairstyles are rooted in ancient Greek times.

1. “teneobraznyh” haircut “melon slices”. In this haircut he is stacked in the form of “slices” from the forehead to the nape of the neck and back by going to two ribbons
2. Another option – a complex «lampaden» hairstyle. It is done on curled hair.

During the creation of this haircut requires a thick lock of hair in the back and fixed to the base of the tape. Then all the other wires are connected closer and closer to her with stealth. Then all the threads go into a loose ponytail or a small bun and fixed with paint. Like jewels with hair «lampaden» can be worn not only on board, but also the tiara.

Straight haircut – low beam variant, Packaged in a hair net.

Greek tail – also throwing the curly hair gathered in a bun on the top, on the shoulders and the back down a long lock of hair, decorated with a ribbon or a string of beads, better than rubies.

Greco spit is always voluminous and structured braids. Curls on the temples, is not often braided into a braid. The sickle is placed on one side. This decorated hairstyle

 Womens hair styles in the Greek style for the image of the goddess


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