“Feminism” is not the opposite of “machismo”. There will be many of you who already know, but when in doubt, let me begin with the clarification. Feminism does not defend the superiority of women over men. Feminism defends the equality of both. So, by default – and birth – we should all be feminists.

That’s why I’ve been upset since childhood by the “Working Women’s Day”. I think whoever chose the name was not lucky. That if what he wanted was to celebrate the incorporation of women into the labor market, he should have put “ASALARED WOMEN’S DAY”. Because “workers” have always been there, and a lot. Women working at home, breaking up daily and throughout their lives -there is no retirement here- to take care of their families. I do not know a job so necessary and at the same time so ungrateful.

I do not want to be discriminated against for being a woman. Just as I do not demand privileges for it either. The fair thing is that, with equal opportunities, then it is the “meritocracy” -the effort and the value-that decides which person occupies each position. Regardless of their sex.

Obviously, something happens so that reality is very different. So that women have always reserved a secondary and silenced role. Take a look if not any history manual. They will find few women scientists, philosophers, or presidents of a government who have managed to gain a foothold and transcend, in comparison with the hundreds of men.

Every March 8, I have mixed feelings. To know that you still have to fight hard to break the “glass ceiling”. For them, for us, for myself. But I also feel discomfort and anger for those who aim for fashion. Because indeed, we are lucky that feminism has become fashionable and we must take advantage of it. But we also have to put up with those who get on the postureure cart at our expense.

I feel anger for the brands and parties that want to own the day. They will not see me behind any of their flags. I feel anger for those who want to tell me what I have to think and in what way. Whether or not I should strike. And that they put labels on me whether I do it or not. Ladies, gentlemen, let us be free. Do not pretend to give or take from anyone the “card” of feminist. The fight is made every day of the year and more feminism is needed. Feminism to dry.

Nor does this idea convince me of imposing that the management of a company, for example, be composed 50% by men and 50% by women. What if there has to be 80% women? Or 40%? I insist: that they give us equal opportunities and decide the meritocracy. Not sex In all areas, in every way.


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