Womens hairstyles with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs can be of different lengths. Bangs can be worn with long, short hair. However, a bangs hairstyle is always a risk. Frangetta fits not every. And surely we must remember the popular wisdom, “measure twice and cut once.”

To mount and how to choose

The first thing to think about hairstyle with bangs is to determine the type of face. If you have an oval face – bangs can be safely cut. If the face is rectangular or triangular shaped, in this case, it is worth remembering that it will not be suitable for all bangs versions. But hairstyles with bangs do not spoil your appearance. But if you have a round or square face, it’s better without bangs. Like the bangs to narrow the face and make it even more like a circle. Well, or fairly equilateral square.

 Womens hairstyles with bangs

However, owners of round and square, individuals with a great desire to wear hair with bangs, you can try doing the haircut with bangs oblique. This bangs is versatile and suitable for any type of face. Side-swept bangs look like hairstyles with long hair or “cascading” hair.

The second thing worth remembering if you suddenly decide to experiment with your hair and make bangs that fucks you for the first time needs to cut it short. The first time it is better to make a long bangs and see how they generally turn to these hairstyles. In the end, long bangs will quickly grow again, but if she absolutely isn’t, it can be stable or easy to hide in the hair.

The same rule and relatively oblique bangs for the owners of round and square. it is better to cut the long oblique bangs.

Rules for the selection of the bangs – to look at the type of person

We have, therefore, to define the rules of selection of the bangs:

• to determine the type in person
• for the first time cut long bangs
• and see if it fits.

And I realized that with the oblique bangs, you may be less careful than the other options, because haircut with oblique bangs suitable for almost all

 Womens hairstyles with bangs

Haircut with oblique bangs fits almost all
Side-swept bangs looks good with long hair

Very popular is still a long straight and symmetrical bangs. She looks better with long hair or hair styled in a bun or ponytail. Look good, straight bangs and hair bob of the insertion point. Long bangs can be both dense and rare. If you have a rectangular face that is too long your face, it is best to wear rare straight bangs. Option thickness will not work.

The most popular version of hairstyles with bangs – hairstyles with straight bangs

But if you have a triangular face, long bangs can be placed on the side that visually make your facial features more symmetrical.

Also, don’t forget the length of the bangs. Long straight bangs can reach its maximum length and almost close the eyes. This slams almost covers the eyes, but quite rare, it is called “peekaboo”. Peek-a-Boo style hairstyles like to wear young people who belong to the “emo” subculture. It is believed that hairstyles with long covers the eyes with the bangs that “emo” to comb on the side, give them a mystery.

 Womens hairstyles with bangs
 Womens hairstyles with bangs

Long jagged option bangs will be a good idea for those who have a huge chin. Such bursts will distract attention from the large lower face.

Another good option is the classic feather bangs. This bangs is suitable for almost everyone and looks very good with any haircut.

 Womens hairstyles with bangs

Select slams for growth

Deciding to cut the bangs, it should also pay attention to its growth. If you are short, a perfect hairstyle for you can be a long haircut with voluminous bangs. This haircut creates the illusion of greater growth. And vice versa a very high, girls are not encouraged to wear long haircut with voluminous bangs.

In addition to the owners of round and square, problems of people with bangs can be visualized in girls with curly hair. To choose the bangs for curly hair very difficult. Perhaps, in this case, the best option is to straighten the hair and then cut the bangs.

Bad bangs can be hidden in the hair

In this case, if you had my haircut with bangs, bangs, you still did not come, not worth getting angry. There are the options of how to hide bangs badly for the hairstyle.

If your bangs are short, it will make it much more difficult, but also very real. So short bursts do zacheshetsya ago, or if it is oblique or more, on one side, and pierces invisibly under the mass of hair.

It is also possible to use the circles and bracelets. For example with a thin bandage wrapped around hair can make hair «Greek weaving», therefore, to disguise the bangs.

When growing the bangs can be removed in a braid or bib. Thus, the simplest way is to weave the bangs that are growing in one side of the braid. This type of braid begins to weave, on one side, through the forehead and with the other end of the person who proceeds weaving with the hair of the main mass of the small lateral thin plaits. The version with the harness is when the bangs twisted into a tourniquet above its forehead

 Womens hairstyles with bangs
 Womens hairstyles with bangs
 Womens hairstyles with bangs
 Womens hairstyles with bangs
 Womens hairstyles with bangs
 Womens hairstyles with bangs
 Womens hairstyles with bangs


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