Clever beauty tricks

E Who thinks that a spoon is only there to eat soup or stir coffee, he was wrong. The “eating utensil” is much more versatile and from today our newest and dearest beauty helper. Whether as a template, mixing palette or massager – the spoon shines with every task. The 10 best beauty tricks with spoons we have listed here for you.

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1.) spoon massage

The spoon massage is a wonderful way to wake up in the morning and make your face look fresher. Through the massage, the circulation in the face is stimulated and the skin gradually firmer. All you need is different spoons, a glass of ice water and some oil. Detailed instructions can be found here.

2.) eyelash momentum

To give your eyelashes a good swing, you no longer have to bother with bulky eyelash curlers. Just place a spoon on the top of the eyelash and press the eyelashes up with your finger on the edge. Voilà, a perfect eyelash surge!

3.) Contour help

Are you also often unsure where to apply your rouge? Then just take a tablespoon and put it with the bulge outwards directly on your cheekbones. The bottom edge of the spoon now shows you where to apply the rouge. Ride the line up with the rouge brush.

4.) eyebrow template

Use a spoon if you need help filling your eyebrows. Place the spoon edge under the brow and use it as a template for the perfect bow.

5.) Lower lash line

To clean your lower eyelashes clean, hold the spoon with the bulge out under the lash line and then apply the mascara on. This simple trick will save you the subsequent removal of the mascara with a cotton swab.

6.) Mixing palette

If you do not have the right lipstick, just mix your own lip color. You only need a pea-sized amount of petrolatum or lip balm and some eyeshadow in the color of your choice. Mix both with a brush in the bowl of a tablespoon. After that, simply apply it to your lips with the help of your finger or a brush. So fast you have homemade lip color.

7.) Spoon against dark circles

If you often suffer from puffy eyes or already know in the evening that you will be a bit tired the next morning, then put two spoons into the freezer overnight. In the morning you can then gently press her on your swollen eyes. The cold causes the vessels to contract and stimulates lymph flow. So your dark circles are a little weaker and you look fresh despite a short night.

8.) Marbled nails

You can also use a spoon for marbled fingernails. For this trick, drop two different colored nail polishes on a spoon and then carefully mix them with a wooden stick or a hairpin to create a marbled pattern. This can then be applied with a brush on your nails or simply dip the nails carefully in the nail polish. Possibly. you have to improve on the latter variant a little bit.

9.) Template for eyeliner

The spoon can also help you to draw a strong-running eyeliner. Use the stem as a ruler and draw an eyelid line from the outer lid upwards. Then you can use the rounding to draw the swing down. Put on the upper tip of your already drawn eyeliner. You only have to paint the eyeliner between them.

10.) Protection against overpainting of nail polish

To apply nail polish cleanly requires a lot of tact and a steady hand. Often, however, something of the nail polish lands on the fingertip. To prevent that, you can use the spoon again. Place it upside down under the tip of your fingernail. So you prevent that you paint your skin.

The spoon is really a true all-rounder and spares you not only make-up time, but also money. Thanks to him you can save your eyelash curler and other tools in the future.


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