Generally women tend to privilege the upper part of our body, and one of our recurring concerns are the blessed bras and the search for the perfect fit. If you found it, you’re lucky.

However, there is another garment to which you should pay special attention: the pants. Believe it or not, this garment, usually underestimated, can do a lot for the look of your glutes.

Today we will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of your bubbles.

Identify the shape of your glutes

The female buttocks are undoubtedly a great focus of attention. The experts know it, and after several studies, they have classified it into five types: square, V-shaped, A-shaped, round, and heart. This is the reason why we do not all look the same style of pants. So, the first step to get to the perfect underwear is to identify which is yours. Look at the image below.

The characteristics and the ideal style


The line between the hip bone and the outer thigh runs perpendicular to the floor.
The waist and the hip are more or less the same width, and the top and bottom of the rear are also very similar in terms of proportion. For this reason, the rear tends to be visualized without volume, rather flat.
Women with this shape, seem to have the longest torso, since they do not have a narrow waist.

Ideal garments: The objective is to create roundness to fill. Boxers, culottes, and panties that have a thong cut in the front. They are comfortable and flattering for women with a square, flat bottom. As for the shot, try on medium-high shooting clothes. Lean on patterned garments, not solid colors. The garments that have scalloped edges, besides being very sexy, will give you extra volume.

Inverted Pyramid or V

The line between the pelvis and your hip has an inward angle. Thus, seen from behind, a visual effect of “V” is generated – This form of rear is frequent among women who have broad shoulders and very narrow hips. However, it is typical of older women, who experience a change in fat storage and loss of muscle tone, resulting in this triangular shape upside down, with less volume at the base.

Ideal garments: Those that cover your buttocks well, such as mini shorts, bikinis but full coverage, low or high shot. The extra fabric will add volume in the right places.

In the form of A

Women who have a “pear-shaped” silhouette tend to have an “A” shaped butt, which widens below the hip bones.

The best clothes for you: Because the A-shaped bottoms are usually the result of fuller thighs, the more comfortable underwear styles have high leg cut with larger leg holes. Forget about clothes that squeeze your thighs, and excess coverage, do not wear shorts-type shorts. You have to lean on V-type thongs, high-waist thongs, Brazilian-cut and colaless bikinis.


The hip and waist have very similar sizes, but the rear has a bubble. This type of rear is easier to shape with exercise and generally looks great, although the weight gain causes it to look heavier from the bottom.

It is the most coveted type of tail, and is generated by the optical illusion that begins with a tiny waist and ends in bulging buttocks. This type of butt has been given a big screen in recent times, thanks to Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez (JLO), among other media figures.

Ideal garment: for those who prefer a good coverage, the best alternative is panties or panties. While for the more daring, the colaless and thongs with central stitching in the back.

Do not go for a medium term, and as a super tip, always use a larger size.

Inverted heart

The waist is smaller than the hips. The volume is at the bottom, because the fat is concentrated in that area, creating an upside-down heart shape. It is considered one of the most feminine forms.

The typical inverted heart shaped butt is round but without defying gravity. Like the round buttocks, “this is a curve of the outer hips, but with more volume in the lower part of the hip,” explains Dr. Matthew Schulman, the most renowned plastic surgeon, specialist in buttock surgery, from New York, in an interview with the famous Cosmopolitan US.

Ideal garment: Choose hipsters or bikinis with thin straps, with the cut for the opening of the lower leg. If you’re worried about looking flaccid, make sure the leg openings in your underwear wrap around your buttocks, spanning just below the crease of your bottom to create an instant illusion of a standing ass.

7 Tips

  • The beige color is not the only color that does not shine under white clothes. You can use with total security garments in the shade of mauves and fuchsias that achieve the same task, and that also better combine with all skin tones, recommends an article published by the Spanish newspaper El País.
  • Never use synthetic fabrics such as nylon in underwear, because they encourage the formation of fungi and odors, lean towards noble fabrics such as cotton, silk, rayon, satin.
  • Always wear underwear that fits you well and comfortably, do not wear clothes that are too small and tight, or that are too big. You will feel uncomfortable, and it will aesthetically affect your outfit. To choose the appropriate size, you must measure the contour of the waist and hips.
  • The shorts must fit perfectly in three points of the body: waist, hip and crotch.
  • When you want to use very tight pants or skirts, the tail is not the only alternative to avoid marks. If you do not like them, lean over the panties without seams. Do not choose with wicker braces because they end up cutting the figure.
  • They should be washed by hand with a mild detergent, never dry in the dryer because the elastics are burned. If you do not have time, put them in the washing machine inside a mesh to avoid damaging them.
  • Try that your pants do not fit in the hips because you will achieve a bottle effect with waves. Better choose clothing that fits your waist or on top of it.


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