Your Mobile Phone Habits Tell A Lot About Depression

According to a research published in Journal of Medical Internet Research magazine, spending long times on your phone might be a symptom of depression.  Researchers from Northwestern and Michigan University tell that they have an accuracy of 87% in the study.

Researchers have asked a test group of 40 people to install an app that tracks their mobile phone and use it for 2 weeks. In addition, they were asked to fill a questionnaire on daily basis to observe the symptoms of depression. After 2 weeks, they’ve found out that install application was more successful in telling if the person is in depression or not than the questionnaire.

The research shows depressed people in the test spent an average of 68 minutes on the phone each day, while others have spent 17 minutes. In addition, study shows that depressed people tend to travel less and spend their days at home.

A test on a group of people, where it’s not stated if the people used their phone to call friends or to play games, even though not enough to come to a general conclusion, may be considered a warning sign.

David Mohr from the Northwest University stated: “People tend to use their phones when they want to escape feelings. This is a typical act of avoidance in depressed people.”


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