In terms of sex, it is sometimes difficult to know if we share the same desires as the other person. Some people find it difficult to define their own desires, and have even more difficulty communicating on this subject with their partner for fear of revealing themselves too much, shocking or simply not sharing the same preferences.

a sharp analysis done by astrologers, you can know your sexual compatibility right now!

1. Virgin and Aquarius

Of a caring nature, these two signs of the zodiac absolutely try to share a moment of accomplice in intimacy. They do everything to find out what their partner likes, research and do their best to satisfy him. These two signs give more importance to the satisfaction of the other than to their own pleasure. Generous and invested, they succeed in getting both.

2. Lion and Libra

Adventurers, these signs are both very curious and like to explore new things. They will not hesitate to try different positions in order to find the one that will make them vibrate the most. They trust each other and are very connected in intimacy.

3. Aries and Aquarius

Despite their differences, these two signs are marvelously well on the sexual plane. They have a physical alchemy that allows them to leave their emotions aside and share a moment of wild pleasure with two.

4. Pisces and Cancer

These two signs are very romantic and very attentive to their emotions. They experience pleasure only in a sexuality full of tenderness and gentle gestures. They need to feel loved, desired and pampered and are both very touchy.

5. Taurus and Sagittarius

These zodiac signs love the pleasures of life and have no desire to take the lead. When they are intimate, they tend to laugh, go crazy, share a pleasant moment and accomplice. They are very comfortable together and it allows them to be very sexually fulfilled

6. Gemini and Virgo

Very passionate, these two signs are very different but complementary. Their rather tumultuous relationship does not hinder their sexuality. They live new things for two and share very deep emotions. Their intimacy allows them to free themselves from their usual conflicts and to share a moment of connection and invaluable well-being

7. Aries and Scorpion

These two signs like to share intense moments in intimacy. They tend to open up completely to one another and to discover phases of their personality that they did not know. They are not against a somewhat aggressive sexuality

8. Scorpio and Pisces

For these two signs, there is a spiritual dimension when they share an intimate moment. They forget the world and connect to each other. A perfect alchemy emanating from an intense desire. They can quickly become attached and fall in love.

9. Taurus and Cancer

These two signs tend to confide about their desires during the sexual act. For them, there is no taboo in intimacy. They prefer to reveal themselves to make their intimate moment an accomplice and fruitful exchange. Thanks to their confessions, they are never disappointed and are inclined to extend their moments to two.

10. Gemini and Capricorn

These two signs have a lot of energy while being serious and balanced. In intimacy, they make sure to satisfy each other and to live a real physical connection. They are very attentive to their desires and do not hesitate to analyze each behavior to know if the pleasure is shared with each other.


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